Outdoor furniture cushioning has also undergone  disruption.

While consumers can revel in the revolutionary design, structure and  materials of today’s exciting new outdoor furniture, articles and ads rarely comment on the revolution that has taken place in the cushions that enhance the design and the comfort of numerous pieces.

Combined with specially designed covering fabrics, today’s cushions hold their shape, resist mould and mites and can even be wash and wear.


All cushioning looks great in the show room,  Some even looks good over time, if we make sure it does not get rained or spilled on.  Yet, others get dips and humps just from our sitting on it.   Shape retention is one of the elements we built into our AIrString cushioning product.  Test results show it can take thousands of sittings, lying, even standing on, before the material breaks down and gets a lump.


Although indoor furniture is subjected to a wide range of abuse, outdoor furniture, in addition,  is put through the rigors of rain, spilled soda, suntan lotion, inundation by animals (domestic and wild) and the daily blaze of the sun we love.  Our carefully chosen cushioned pieces rapidly grow mouldy, smelly and just plain unpleasant . . . unless, they contain  a product like AirString.  The secret is washability and treatment against UV rays.  While many cushions are washable, they take forever, to dry – and, during that time, the mould is getting a head start again.  With products like AirString, washability means:    –

  • throw it into the shower,
  • give it a good shake, and,
  • it is good to go.

What could be easier?  What could be cleaner?


Since we are in the age of disruption, let’s keep that cushion out of the land fill.  The new products are fully recyclable.

So, now, when we talk or read about advanced outdoor furniture it will include discussion of a totally futuristic cushioning material.