Correctional Institutions

The Correctional marketplace presents very specific challenges for mattress manufacturers:

  • A variety of inmates sleep on them, regularly sit on them, and,
  • on occasion, use them to hide contraband.

AirString Technology mattresses offer innovative solutions to both types of use. . . plus, dramatic cost saving

Significantly longer use means significantly greater cost savings

The Correctional marketplace presents very specific challenges. Starved for cost savings, correctional institutions have been clamoring to eliminate the high turnover rate of traditional foam mattresses which sag and fail within a year.

AirString’s compression has been tested in labs to 300,000 impressions. This equates to 30 years of sitting and sleeping on a mattress which contains the AirString product.

How much could 30 years of use save your institution?


Correctional institutions, across the country, are always looking for ways to prevent the use of mattresses as a place to hide contraband.

Traditional mattress cores are a problem

At present, a clear vinyl covering is used to allow guards to see inside to the core of the mattress. Inmates, however, are still able to hide substances and objects inside the foam core, itself.

AirString is a revolutionary innovation in correctional security.

The Core

The open framework nature of the AirString core allows guards to look through the entire mattress, and, see anything an inmate has attempted to hide.

The cover

AirString has added security benefits when enclosed in ClearView RK by Spec-Tex. This patent pending new fabric

  • retains the transparent visibility of traditional clear vinyl fabrics; but,
  • eliminates a major problem in traditional vinyl covers —the ability to pull apart the yarn holding the fabric together. Our upgraded fabric not only extends the life of the cover; but, it makes it considerably harder to pry apart and  hide things.

For correctional officers, both the see-through nature of the core and the resilience of the cover represent major breakthroughs in security.

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