Choose a Product that Lasts Years Longer

For users in industry and at home, product durability is a major factor. It affects their:

  • return on investment
  • comfort
  • overall satisfaction

Users know that when they purchase any product,
durability = long term value.

The ultimate test of durability is functionality in use, over time.

AirString is a uniquely durable technology for the cushioning market. Lab tests show that it can be used over an extended period of time without losing its ability to support any amount of body weight.

Two properties of the technology produce this capacity.

Unlike traditional foam cushioning, AirString technology will not crack, even over a number of years.

Its unique, nest-like construction evenly distributes any weight placed on it, so no spot becomes overstressed and prone to cracking.

Another unique feature that lends itself to the durability of the product is its washability.

Just through regular use, many cushions become soiled, and, contaminated by bed bugs, dust mites, or allergens. Once bacteria colonies begin to accumulate, the cushion must be disposed of.

AirString Technology, on the other hand, overcomes this crucial issue in two ways. Not only does the support surface resist absorption of fluids and gases; but, both its surface and its core can be easily cleaned. The light-weight cushioning can simply be washed with water in a tub or shower; and, reinserted into its cover, allowing for a completely brand new feel.


Reap the long lasting quality of AirStrings technology in your application.