For concerned parents, their child’s health and safety is paramount.
Babies spend much of their time on surfaces padded for their comfort and protection: mattresses, changing pads, strollers and car seats. Yet, they constantly inundate those surfaces and paddings with spit-up and diaper leakage. Soon the comfortable padding becomes smelly and unhealthy.

AirString technology overcomes this problem and offers even more benefits.

A healthy environment

Cleanliness is the best way to eliminate germs and allergens. AirString cushioning materials can be thoroughly washed and sanitized with a quick shower and drip dry. Even mattress pads go under the shower and are clean and comfortable for baby’s next nap.

Washable Design

For example, Newton’s baby mattress utilizes AirString technology for a clean sleep every night . Just pull back the cover and take out the core to be washed. Available through multiple stores online including BuyBuyBaby.

Parents can also rest easy knowing that baby is sleeping on a mattress cushion that is hypo-allergenic, and, unlike foam and other man-made fibers, does not give off toxic gas as it ages. In fact, the material inside is a nest of spun linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) the same quality as that used to package foods such as yogurt.
This combination of material and formation results in an open structure with constant air circulation. Even when baby is on his or her belly, the mattress ‘breathes’ and may reduce the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

A comfortable environment

On an AirString cushion of any type, baby is fully and comfortably supported by our nest-like material which distributes  weight evenly across the surface no matter how many wiggles and squirms.
On a mattress filled with AirString material, baby rests more comfortably, so both he or she and the parents get a better sleep.

A responsible environment

Our technology is totally eco-friendly. Like many young parents, we at AirString have a mission to protect the natural environment, so we have made our material


  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% reusable


AirString offers babies across the country a cleaner, more comfortable start on their lives.