Circulating Air keeps You Cool and Comfortable

Airstring was designed with cleanliness and user comfort in mind. The open-cell nature of Airstring technology allows air to flow freely through the core of its material: a revolutionary development in the cushioning market.

A jet of steam displays just how breathable AirString really is.

Concerns About Foam Mattresses

We automatically create a warm, humid sleep environment every time we climb into a traditional foam mattress. That humidity is trapped. Moisture makes body temperatures rise, which causes continual sweating and an increase in our heart rate. Instead of waking up feeling fresh and restored, we wake up feeling sluggish and tired.
Moisture also leads to long term problems including the development of mold, allergens, bed bugs and dust mites . . . a very unfriendly sleeping environment which results in our throwing out the mattress.

The AirString product development process captures air in a nest-like structure so that the final product ‘breathes’ as the user moves. This constant exchange of air, along with the makeup of the product itself, promote significant benefits:

Moisture does not stay in the mattress
As a result:

  • The temperature remains constant and the user gets a deep restful sleep.
  • The mattress stays clean and dry so no molds form to cause illness.

Allergens and unpleasant bugs either do not form or are eliminated from the mattress.
As a result:

  • The mattress remains a comfortable refuge from the cares of the day
  • The longevity of the mattress is significantly enhanced.

In the healthcare industry, AirString’s breathability promotes a healthy microclimate that is a major assistance in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

Get a Better Sleep

The breathability of a cushion directly impacts important issues such as health, comfort, and sleep performance. Studies have continually shown the ideal climate for sleep to be a cool dark environment.

AirString is over 90 percent open to air. In this image a fan blows through the core with enough air to blow a models hair.

The AirString Difference

A sleep surface that promotes air flow and blocks the build-up of moisture over 8 hours helps our bodies maintain comfortable body temperature. Healthy body temperature means truly beneficial sleep — our bodies reach delta sleep and are able to truly rest and restore.