AirString technology has been converted into a shock absorbing product with  ultra-low intensity mortar surrounding our net-structured cushion. The product has then been incorporated into a variety of protective traffic barriers. This design significantly reduces the number of people who die or are injured due to accidents on the road.

The product has over 15 years of testing, is patented, and was awarded the highest safety grade of AAA with USA standard NSCHRP350.

* NCHRP350 Crash Test Specification


  • Weight of the vehicle in collision : 1T

  • Crash Speed : 100km/h

  • Floor G : 15.9G

  • HIC Value : 100

  • Chest G : 31.0G

  • Evaluation : AAA

So far,  over 1200 safety products with our technology have been placed at locations such as highways, surface streets, and bridge bifurcations as well as highway construction and emergency parking areas. They provide much needed safety and security assurance to all road users. The same shock absorbing benefits from our barricades can be utilized in the other shock absorbing safety products in the market today.


At present, all applications are placed in Japan and we are currently looking for manufacturing and distribution partners in the USA.


We look forward to working with partners in creating a safer world through our technology.