Health care facilities around the world are constantly confronted with the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. This is a large and costly task. The yearly cost of treatment for pressure ulcers in the United States, alone, is between $9.1-$11.6 billion. Treatment for just one pressure ulcer can, on average, cost a patient $150,000. The associated pain, high cost and difficulty managing these common infections result in more than 17,000 lawsuits annually.

What causes pressure ulcers?

There is kind of a recipe when it comes to the formation of a pressure ulcer.

A poor microclimate where patients have sweat and heat under them from poor ventilation of the mattress

Excessive pressure from the mattress not immersing enough for the patient

Too much friction and sheer from patient movement on the mattress because of patient procedures and transport.

Once they form, they must be treated immediately and regularly to prevent the spread of a painful infection.

190 lb male pressure map using a 32 mmHg scale. AirString product on left, Popular therapeutic mattress on right. AirString Product shows overall lower pressures than the competition.

Are there solutions?

Currently many different types of mattresses are designed with pressure ulcer prevention in mind. One type is a powered system that blows air into and out of individual cells in order to manage pressure distribution and microclimate. There are also non-powered systems that utilize different types and configurations of foam to help immerse the patient more advantageously. These non-powered devices, however, have no way to handle the large microclimate issue, a chief precursor of pressure ulcers.

What do we offer that is new?

AirString has a solution that is currently under development and has already been tested to show great benefit in the prevention and treatment of ulcers.


AirString is comprised of open-cell technology. AirString is estimated to be over 90 percent air, thus allowing the core of our mattresses to naturally contain free flowing air. Our non-powered mattresses are easily the most breathable on the market, and can even compare to, and outdo, some powered devices.


AirString can be manufactured in different densities. The same is true for foam.The difference is that when compressed, AirStrings reacts much differently than foam: As AirString compacts it gains strength. This allows us to use an immersive layer that will envelop the patients well while at the same time providing them with additional support as they move into the fowler position.


We have chosen to work with the best textile companies in the world to provide a four way stretch material for the cover which has anti-shear and anti-friction properties.

Partner with Us

Our pressure prevention and treatment mattress is a true evolution for non-powered mattresses in the industry.

While AirString is, at present, directly developing our mattress, we welcome inquiries from other manufacturers who would like to capitalize on our technology.

AirString technology naturally conforms to articulation points in a mattress.

In addition to the pressure ulcer market the same features of immersion and breathability are important to other markets in the medical field. We are constantly approached about different potential applications; and, look forward to working with all partners in making it a safer, healthier world.