Our Story

AirString has the rare opportunity to truly shape an industry. Our technology has many features that a cushioning market, starving for something new is primed for. But how did we arrive at this point?

Our story starts with a passion for what’s next in the world of consumer and commercial products. Our team has spent years in their respective markets building businesses on the notion that staying passionate and motivated are the keys to success. Many can bring value to a market, few can change it.

After owning a memory foam mattress for many years, our founder thought there must be a better material. Like other consumers, our founder noticed the mattress was hot to sleep on, and had lost a lot of its original comfort over time.

After examining the cushioning market, our founder realized quickly the climate in the cushioning industry was ripe for change. So much was wrong with the foam surfaces we interact with on a regular basis: heavy off-gassing of toxic chemicals, the emergence of bed bugs, and allergens, and warm microclimates are just a few examples of the perils facing ordinary cushioning today.

But what was the solution. They scoured the globe looking for a new material that would solve these issues. Eventually they found it in Gamagoori-City Japan. A company there had developed a Plastic nest-like cushion that was made of 90 percent air. They had already found multiple uses for it.
We immediately realized how this technology would become the future of cushioning. They hopped on a plane to Japan and 6 months later AirString was born. We now have our own factory in Tennessee where we produce AirString the future of cushioning.