Furnishing our homes is a labor of love.

It is also a huge investment in time and money, so we definitely want the pieces we choose to look and feel good for a long time.

AirString filled pieces keep that ‘just from the show room’ appearance for years.

The Ritz Carlton in Puerto Rico utilizes AirString technology in their couches.

Furniture to Sink Into

From sofa beds to love seats, everybody enjoys a good lounge session; but, these and other cushioned furniture pieces don’t always stand the test of time.

While most cushion products feel great when they are new,  that  support and comfort usually doesn’t translate to long-term performance.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find cushioned pieces that retain their comfort and good looks?

Limitations of Traditional Cushioned Furniture

Traditionally, most cushion products in the market consist of foams and densified fibers.  Neither stands up well to the two biggest causes of wear and tear.


If wine, pasta sauce or any other material spills on our furniture, our beloved piece is never the same. We can even spend money on steam clean services to try and treat the fabric; but getting down to the core and restoring the factory freshness is almost impossible.

Compression of Traditional Materials

Unfortunately, over time and continued use, foam compresses. As a result, it loses its ability to rebound back to its original shape. Instead of the perfectly flat shaped supportive cushion you brought back from the showroom, you are now sitting on a pillow full of dips and slopes. Finding a comfortable spot is a chore.

AirString Cushion Technology Resolves Both Issues

Rebounding instead of compressing

Because AirString material distributes weight evenly throughout the cushion, the technology does not develop those unsightly pressure point dips and lumps. It provides traditional immersion and relaxation qualilties, but springs back into shape to ensure years of enjoyment.

Washable instead of permanently soiled

Another unique feature of the AirString material is that it can be pulled out of your couch or recliner chair pillow and quickly washed in your tub or shower. This revolutionary approach avoids pricey commercial cleaning services; and, gives you a truly clean cushion core.

These unique features combine to provide you with a super supportive and comfortable piece of furniture you will enjoy for a very long time.

Shortly after we introduced AirString to the market, furniture businesses realized the massive potential.  William Sonoma and Pottery Barn have already integrated AirString into many products.