Immersion & Envelopment

Soft Secure Support

Immersion and envelopment are two important benchmarks that determine the comfort and safety levels provided by cushions.


In the hospital and nursing home markets, patients who spend most of their time in bed are at risk for getting pressure ulcers. AirString technology utilizes its immersive and envelopment features to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers. To read more about our medical mattresses please click here.

In addition, as a person envelops deeper into our cushion, the density of the product increases, allowing for greater support. This great immersion capacity means there is no “bottoming out”. Even when the support surface is faced with greater weight, AirString technology will simply adapt via shared compression, once again allowing for optimal long term support.


From a movie theatre seat to the mattress you sleep on every night, everyone appreciates a soft and supportive cushion. Over time, most cushions will inevitably compress and lose their ability to give the same immersive qualities they started with. Loss of the ability to sink into a cushion causes a dramatic reduction in both its feel and its function. Memory foam cushions, in particular, will continue to compress so that they  lose supportive qualities shortly into the life of the product.

AirString is a unique material whose tremendous immersive and enveloping properties last significantly longer than foam. Our LLDPE food grade plastic polymer is extruded into a bath of water where it gathers into a nest-like structure of interconnected strings surrounding pockets of air. This structure allows all the “strings” to remain interconnected and to work together. As one area buckles from impact, polymers in that area pull on unaffected strings in other areas to help absorb the force. This ‘team’ effort means no one section of the cushion takes all the stress of compression. The result is longer life for the entire cushion.