Two forms of flexibility make AirString technology ideal for manufacturers to use in many different applications.

Flexibility of the Material

An inherent property of the AirString material is its ability to bend and stretch without losing any of its strength or rebounding capacity.
For final users, this capacity, which displaces their weight evenly across the surface of a cushion, significantly enhances their comfort.
For manufacturers, this capacity offers variety in design, helps speed up the manufacturing process and reduces employee injury.

This flexibility results from the combination of the original content of the product and from its formulation into a nest-like structure. By design, each string in the structure pulls against the others for ultimate support and flexibility across the entire application.

Flexibility in the Size and Shape of Material

Furthermore, manufacturers have immense design flexibility. The revolutionary properties of our technology can be molded and contoured into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your process and your application.
You get the distinct benefit of flexibility found in foam cushioning without foam’s drawbacks.


“With its superior qualities of flexibility, breathability and washability, AirString offers a longer lasting, temperature-controlled product with no compromises.”