Wash My Mattress??? Why Not?

AirStrings material is 100% washable, and, washing removes 100% of allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, and all the other soil and contaminants which mattresses and cushions are exposed to.

Further, a mattress or cushion can be manufactured in blocks which allow the production of an easily removable, entirely washable end product. This ability to thoroughly and easily wash material is a significant benefit to any application where the accumulation of bacteria and germs can lead to unsanitary conditions.  

AirString can be cleaned using any shower or hose. A 1/10th solution of bleach can also be used for unsanitary messes.

Health Care & Extendicare Facilities

In the healthcare industry, where mattresses are used full time, and, soiling may be toxic, cleaning is a crucial factor.  Contaminated mattresses lead to large numbers of infections every year.  In 2013, the issue was so pronounced that the Federal Drug Agency sent out a safety alert on how to deal with the risk.


AirString’s washability provides a simple and effective first line defense.
For deeply soiled materials, we recommend a 1/10th solution of bleach be used, conforming to Center for Disease Control standards.

Patio Furniture

Cushions on your patio recliner get splattered with barbeque sauce, soak up suntan lotion and get covered with blowing dust.  As a result, foam filled cushions accumulate mold and dirt over time; and, often have to be replaced.  Cushions filled with AirStrings technology,on the other hand, can simply be given a quick shower, left to air dry, then put back on the recliner as fresh and clean as when they were purchased.


Babies make messes. Baby products constantly need to be washed to avoid unsanitary conditions and unpleasant smells. Many manufacturers rely on moisture proof mattress covers to protect their paddings; but, despite advances, these covers can cause discomfort for the baby. With AirStrings mattress and paddings, there is no need to protect the inner core with an uncomfortable cover. Our core can be thoroughly washed and sanitized in just minutes under the shower.

From market to market, all cushions have the same problems. AirString’s washable cushions are specifically designed to solve those problems.