As much as we love to stretch out and relax on a comfortable cushion, so,too,  do the pets we love. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold winter night, you can always find your pets curled up somewhere comfortable. So, caring owners make certain they have their own special beds.
Pets, however, can be messy, as everyone who has an animal companion knows. From the dirt they drag in on their feet, to the glop they roll around in, eventually it all ends up in your house and in their beds. They count on you, their resident housekeepers, to keep their beds clean.

Cleaning Limitations With Present Bedding Options

Traditional pet beds and cushions offer only the ability to clean the outer fabric. While this may help with appearances, even the most fastidious housekeeping does not eliminate the smell lurking within.

This is where our technology excels.

The AirString Clean Comfort Advantage
Our cushion product provides pets and their humans with three major benefits:

Long lasting support .

 AirString’s nest-like structure provides the inner cushions of  pets’ beds with even support to cradle their bodies. This structure prevents it from bunching or sagging even for large dogs. Our AirString technology also has the ability to spring back into shape, so it will provide comfortable support for a very long time.

Temperature controlled comfort.

AirString cushions ‘breathe’ to keep your sleeping pet cool and comfortable. Since the material is 90% air filled, it promotes air circulation and eliminates the temperature buildup that happens with foam mattresses.

Thoroughly washable inner bed or car seat cushion.

Grime and odor don’t stop at the pet bed cover. Unlike other cushions, those with AirString technology allow you to thoroughly clean the entire interior material. Just unzip the cover, place the cushion under the shower. Add a 1/10 bleach solution for extra sanitation. Your pet’s bed, and your home, will smell great again.

Our technology provides manufacturers with the advantage of product sized to match their production needs.



Snoozer Pet Products has already introduced our technology to the pet market; and, received a very positive response. The pet market is ripe for this type of technology.