Military mattresses are constantly put to the test. Different users: different climates: different under structures. Subjected to all this pressure, they rapidly break down and must be replaced.

Airstring technology changes this pattern.


Issues with traditional mattresses

Because traditional military-grade mattress core materials compact with repeated use, they lose the capacity to support the people sleeping on them. This is referred to as ‘bottoming out’. Yet, even when this happens, the product still looks fully functional because most foam mattresses will bounce back to the same shape they had when they were new. Looks can be deceiving. So, these mattresses which no longer support their users stay in use well beyond their capacity to supply a restful sleep.

The AirString Solution:
Long term healthy support


The inner core

Due to its polymeric based construction, AirString functions differently than anything before it. Its unique, nest-like formulation evenly distributes any weight placed on it, so no spot becomes overstressed and prone to cracking.

The mattress displays only minimal body impressions over time with no ‘bottoming out’. This results in a vastly extended lifespan for the mattress and a vastly superior sleep for the user.

In addition, the mattress is considerably healthier than foam because the core can be easily removed from its cover and placed under a shower to clean it throughout its nest-like structure. A mild bleach solution can be added to water to sanitize it between users. This unique feature of complete inside-and-out washability. combined with the hypo-allergenic base material, provide military personnel with a sleeping environment which is not only extremely comfortable. but, completely healthy.

The cover

AirString cores are produced with removable zippered covers. The cover can easily be removed, allowing for the core to be fully washed and sanitized. In addition, since it is the outside surface of a mattress which takes the most wear and tear, zippered covers can easily be replaced rather than throwing out the entire mattress. This results in tremendous long term cost reduction.


Airstring is currently being represented into the US military across multiple divisions by