Patio Furniture

Our patio is a center for relaxation. Our patio furniture pieces are essential components for our comfort and leisure. Yet, they are subjected, daily, to a barrage of destructive elements from Mother Nature and from our day-to-day use.

Rain Damage

During heavy rain or the tropical rainy season, patio furniture manufacturers suggest you take your furniture indoors. Why do you need the extra inconvenience?

Most patio furniture cushions are water resistant; but, are not water proof. This means that water will eventually penetrate the cover and enter the foam cushion where mold can grow and bacteria can colonize. Once the water penetrates the cushions, the foam becomes soggy and wet and takes a very long time to dry.  Soggy and lumpy cushions are very unpalatable to sit on.  To address this issue,  many patio furniture manufacturers have moved to all-aluminum units without any cushions. This, of course, is not a very comfortable solution.

AirString technology provides a better solution.

Our breathable material allows rainwater to pass right through the core.  The core simply does not absorb and store water.  Since it doesn’t trap water, it doesn’t  create mold. Your cushion stays comfortable and healthy; and, protects your furniture investment.

Traditional foam accumulating mold. Over time, water, bacteria, and dirt accumulate, and the absorptive nature of foam allows for mold to colonize, rendering the cushion totally unsanitary.

Daily Use

While we are soaking up the sun’s rays on our lounger, our cushion is soaking up the sun tan lotion, the soda we spilled and the dust from passing vehicles.

No problem with AirString technology inside.

You can easily wash both the cover and the inside cushion. Just pull out the core and pop it under the shower for a clean-as-new cushion.


Outdoor furniture manufactured with AirString technology being utilized in The Ritz carlton Hotel Puerto Rico.  Cushions in the Caribbean face the hot tropic sun, daily rain and the constant salty air.  Yet a regular quick wash keeps them clean and fresh throughout the year.

But is it comfortable?

Due to the interwoven structure of AirString technology, when you sink into our cushions, your weight is distributed evenly throughout for balanced support. Unlike with foam, when you stand up, the material   immediately bounces back into shape and will not lose that capacity for many years.  Our interwoven material also provides an extra comfort benefit because AirString cushions ‘breath’ to keep you cooler and more relaxed.

AirString Advantages For Patio Furniture:

  • Rain passes through the cushion so no mold grows
  • Cushions dry very quickly after it rains
  • Cushions distribute weight for long lasting support
  • Cushions ‘breath’ for a temperature controlled rest

Because of their durability and cleanliness, our cushions are are the perfect choice for patio furniture and are currently being used by first class hotels.