The outdoor furniture world is an exciting place these days. With hammocks that could fit seamlessly into a Star Trek ship, ergonometric furniture that inspires the eye and soothes the body, and grilling options to make a master chef green with envy,  it is a far world from plastic Adirondack chairs and  chaise lounges that collapsed if you moved the wrong way. 

According to Fact.mr, this billion dollar market is expected to enjoy a     “5.7% annual growth rate over the next decade. “

Leading the growth will be multi-use seating sets with unique design and comfort features.

What is driving this phenomenal revolution of design and materials?

  • Consumers in the US are seeking the ultimate al fresco experience; but, with all the comfort and style of their living rooms.  They are leading a world-wide movement. The primary consumer trend in higher end outdoor and patio furniture is to turn the garden or the balcony into a second living room. As a result, buyers are looking for furniture and accessories that compliment their personal style; but, can withstand the rigors of sun, wind and rain.  Young buyers, in particular, are also demanding  more eco-friendly products.

Manufacturers have been rapid to capitalize on this growing demand.  They are focusing on unique eye-pleasing, serviceable design, producing multi-use pieces to fit smaller spaces, and, utilizing  materials that are  weatherproof and eco-friendly either in their production or their disposal.

  • Resorts and hotels are also seeking to make a statement about their quality and style, on their patios, as well as in their lobbies. High end inns have embraced the design revolution, selecting signature pieces to enhance their brand.  They then compliment those pieces with superior  quality seating sets to encourage conversations and create  positive long lasting customer experiences.

Like consumers, commercial establishments also try to make a statement about their eco-friendliness.  For this they choose furniture manufactured from renewable or recyclable materials.  On the other hand, businesses are always aware of the bottom line; and,  they do not want to have to replace  their furniture very often.  As a result, they are also looking for pieces that can stand the wear, tear and grunge of heavy outdoor usage. For both these reasons, innovative or organic materials are their first choices.

High end manufacturers continue to develop or source innovative products to give both their commercial and individual customers

high end style, comfort and easy care

AirString cushioning is proud to be a part of this revolution.